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Counting and naming sheep and getting ready for the excitement of breeding season

Today included moving sheep and matching tags to registrations for the Scottish Black Face #scottishblackface ewes since i finally gave a name to replace their ear tag numbers. I have the hardest time finding and deciding on names. My first girls came with names, the SBF did not. This fall I am choosing two of the SBF ewes to be bred to the SBF ram.

Naming of the Scottish Black face

I had some fun and gave them all #Scottish names beginning with the I decided to stick with the tradition of naming by year which is done by the alphabet. All of the Black Face are yearlings born in 2018. The 2018 letter was "F". So with that let me introduce you to the Scottish Blackface from

left to right: Fiona , the handsome ram, Fionghan, Fenella, Flora and Fergie

The group photo was taken when they first arrived on the farm, they have since been sheared and have beautiful #wool ( 2nd and last photo ) that has grown back in, it's already time to shear again!

Stay tuned for #shearing and fall breeding announcements. Thank you for visiting!

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