Ewe are Loved

Fiona and Fergie had their fall #shearing today and both did great. I believe motherhood mellowed them a little, especially Fiona (on the stand) she has become such a sweetheart. Makes it that much harder that they are leaving tomorrow to go to VA to be reunited with their "sisters" and Finnegan, the lambs' daddy to be part of the flock. I've thoroughly enjoyed and happy for the experience of them and what excellent mom's they have been this past season. Their boys are currently still with us and plan for at least one to stay, so we will still have a little bit of #Scottish on the farm 💗 We have learned so much from these strong natured, beautiful #scottishblackface #sheep, lessons I'll carry as I continue to learn to be the best shepardess I can be. They will be just as loved at the Bishop Family Farm and happy to see their sisters. Sheep don't forget each other, they will recognize them by face and smell. Love you girls! Be good! 💗

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