I Love Spring Lambs

Yesterday we welcomed the last of our spring lambs, and boy oh boy! It was another boy for 6 total!

I was blessed to walk into the barn for my morning maternity check and found Dory half way through birthing this little guy. I knelt down close by as I watched the miracle of a new life. He entered the world at 8:45am and is doing great! His dad is Sport, a wonderful cross of #NativeGulfcoast and Babydoll/Romney. He has a wonderful, quality fleece. I'm excited to see what this little guy has to offer as he grows.

What's in a Name?

It's rare that I have names decided before meeting a new farm family members and this little guy shares his birthday with another new family member. The family welcomed a new granddaughter, Kayleigh on the same day! So we are searching names that are fun and cute that end in, -Leigh. So stay tuned for the name reveal!

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