Meerschaum "Schaum" the Alpaca and His Strong Will to Live

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Schaum is such the matriarch of our little flock

Shaum came to us last year also from Free Haven Farm, the same farm as our foundation sheep. He joined the farm as the overseer and protector of the sheep. He is very proud of his little flock and takes his job seriously.

I wasn't giving up that easy and neither was Schaum, he is a fighter!

July 18th started 3 weeks of lots of management and care

On July 18th as I was headed out to run errands, I noticed Shaum sitting in an unusual place for him, but did not concern me. I was concerned when I returned a few hours as it was a hot July day and his was in direct sun and still sitting in the same place, I went in to check on him. As soon as I came around the corner he attempted to get up, As he came up on his knees he trembled terribly and then fell over, I knew something was terribly wrong. I immediately got on the phone with 2 of my mentors, they both informed me that his symptoms pointed to Meningeal worm also referred to as deer worm and/or brain worm. My heart dropped, that did not sound good to my ears. First thing I focused on was getting him cooled down, he had been sitting in the sun and had overheated. I turned on the water hose and let water run under his belly and backend, his temp began to come down after a few minutes, it was up to 105 degrees. I then took a trip to pick up the fenbendazole and ivermectin, as recommended, to begin the 5 day treatment. I was told and also read that even though the worms can be killed with the treatment it does not reverse the nerve damage caused by the parasite. But I wasn't giving up that easy and neither was Schaum, he is a fighter! I knew I had to do something else for him to survive and recover. #BEMER was the only device that I knew could help him recover. I took the BEMER blanket and placed it along beside his body and completed a 10 min cycle on both his left and right side as he did not want it over his body. When I did attempt to place it over his body the first time, he attempted to get up, he could only slightly raise his weight on his knees, maybe an inch, but would begin to shake and quickly come back down. Poor guy, my heart just sank every time i saw him do this, but it also made me realize that he had a lot of fight and determination. I promised I wouldn't give up if he didn't. You know after that very first session I saw improvement. When I removed the blanket from his side he attempted to get up again and there was no shaking. BEMER increases blood flow by 30% in the tiniest microvessels in our bodies, in animal bodies and by doing so it brings oxygen to parts of the body that is compromised, just what he needed! I was so excited to see that first big hint of improvement!

Continued Treatment

In Schaums continued attempts to get himself up he had made his way under the shade of the pecan tree, thankfully we had clear skies but had some expected storms coming in the next couple of days. I knew we had to get him inside the barn so he would be more comfortable and we also so needed to get him on his feet to help with circulation. After 2 days of being just outside the barn, we had a plan. We took two of our saddle girths, placed one under his chest, just behind his legs, and one under his belly. With ratchet straps attached to the bucket of the tractor we were ready for transport.

Schaum all strapped in, ready for transport to the barn

Schaum did pretty well for his transport. With a bed a straw awaiting him, he was made comfortable in the barn, out of the weather, food, water, and his flock close by. At night we closed the door and brought in Groot, our bottle fed lamb, to keep him company over night. I contined the worm treatment for a few more days along with some vitamin B injections to help boost his energy. At least 2 times per day we would strap him up and get him on his feet. With the support of the straps and his feet just on the ground, he continued to make improvments by the day, in leaps and bounds really, His determination and strong will amazed me! There was really only one day that he seemed truly down, low energy like he was thinking of giving up. Well, we were not giving up just yet! This is when I began the vitamin injections and continued with more of the BEMER sessions, he began to really enjoy these sessions and welcomed the blanket laying completely over him. I remember the first time I laid it on him, when I first turned it own his head perked up, he turned and looked back on himself and the blanket and then looked at me like, "what is that?!" I'm sure he could feel the increased blood flow through his body. I'm completely confident that the BEMER was key in his full recovery without a doubt

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