Meet the Scottish Blackface Ewes and Ram at Smiling Ivy Farms

Introducing the Scottish Blackface girls + with friend, Coco. We have Fergie, Fiona, Flora and Fenella. The handsome ram is Fionghan. I believe they are the only Scottish Blackface residing in SC. They were all sheared just over a month ago and already getting wooly again. The are a a long wool breed and have to be sheared 2 times a year. Traditionally their sturdy wool is used in carpet making, mattress and for the famous Harris tweed woven fabrics. The durable wool is great for heavy blankets, slippers and outerwear. The wool is also good for making durable felt. My plans, other that the fact that I just enjoy the sturdy little breed with salsy, curious personalities, is to enjoy just that and play with their fiber. I will also offer some fiber to spinners and crafters. #sheep #scottishblackface

Scottish Blackface wool is used to make the famous Wilton carpets, and Harris Tweed handwoven fabrics

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