My First Egg Incubation

Incubation eggs was not the in the plan, looks like I'm going to be a mother hen.

If all goes well eggs, should begin to hatch in about 21 days. As you can see all is not like the other. The smaller, speckled eggs are #Guineahen eggs, the 3 larger are chicken hen eggs from our Easter Egger hens.

Guinea hen eggs take approximately 28 days to hatch, chicken eggs, 21 days

I spy a Guinea hen, can you find her?

It all started just about a week ago. We have 3 guinea hens that patrol the property, keep us entertained and the dogs on all their toes :D I noticed I had not seen one of them on the afternoon of Sept 16 and the next morning. After finding a clump of feathers I had come to the conclusion that she had been taken by hawk. Later in the day I noticed the others hanging by the porch singing the song of their people, so I investigated. Not knowing what I might find in the bushes, I walked up slowly, I saw something and move, and there she was! at first I thought she was injured, but when she scattered from the bushes there laid a clutch of 14 speckled guinea eggs. Oh and one odd egg that one of the hens was kind enough to contribute, silly girl!

Well, with the dogs running right by her a few times a day, she was finally discovered upon. Our Standard Poodle, Blue came running from the brush with a egg in his mouth. So glad i was close, I called his name and he dropped it, unharmed. With that we decided to buy an incubator to give the little #keets a chance. Good thing I bought it when I did,Guineas being the bright fowls they are ( insert sarcasm ) she forgot she had a nest or just got bored with it, who knows!

"Candling" an egg.

Now the countdown begins. In approximately 20 days, fertile eggs should start hatching. The Guineas eggs were laid about a week ago, the hen eggs today and yesterday. Stay tuned for updates!

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