Nice to Meet Ewe!

Two new girls joined the flock today!

These two are the sweetest, cutest girls to join the flock.
Meet Kopy and Ibe

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This is Kopy

Kopy is lamb born this past spring. her mom is a full Gulf Coast Native sheep and her dad is a cross between Babydoll and Romney. Her cute face just stole my heart when I met her! I'm excited to see what her fiber brings to my program of quality fleeces.

This is the day I first met miss Kopy. Can you blame me for falling for that sweet face? If only this were a video you could here the Buff Geese loudy introducing her and saying what a wonderful girl she is.
Meet and greet at Free Haven Farm


Pronounced like Ivy, Ibe and Kopy stick close with each other while getting to know the rest of the flock. She came from the same friend and farm so was welcomed by one of my first ewes, Dory. Ibeis a 3rd/4th generation with a beautiful fleece. If all goes as planned she will will gift us with a lamb or two in the spring. Isn't her mask the cutest?! That comes from her Babydoll breeding

Taken a couple of days after Ibe arrived on the farm, she loves coming up and investigating, probably wondering if I have a hidden treat in my pocket.  Silly girl. Seeing their individual personalities come out is so much fun!
Curious Ibe

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