Why Smiling Ivy Farm?

Doesn't get much better than an Ivy selfie!

10 months and the #farm finally has a name! I tend to over think when giving names rather it's a chicken, a dog, a donkey, a farm. I want the name to truly reflect the animal, the pet, the place. I had list, I had balled up paper in the trash, I had thoughts running around in my head. Then while sorting through the thousands of pictures on my phone and came across pictures of our donkey, sweet Ms Ivy and her smiling face, it hit me! Finally! She is such a happy girl and always brings a smile to my face when she greets me at the fence , resting her chin just over the top rail. She doesn't seem to have a worry in the world, well, other that making sure she is the first to get a rub on her forehead, a rub on her sweet, soft muzzle, and definitely to make sure she gets the first treat even over the bigger boys, Sam & Jango. She is the description of what I want myself, Curtis and anyone whom visits to feel as they are here and what they take with them, #peace, #serenity, a #smile Just be careful of her little love nibbles when visiting #smilingivyfarm ;-)

donkey, ears, sunset, farm, sheep
Ivy is always the first to greet us at the fence, all ears!

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